The Child who has felt a strong love for his surroundings and for all living creatures, who has discovered joy and enthusiasm in work, gives us reason to hope... hope for peace in the future.


Good Neighbor Montessori’s hours of operation are from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. A typical day at Good Neighbor Montessori could consist of a Three-Hour Montessori Work Period in the morning, Indoor and Outdoor Explorations, Circle Time, Group Lunch, Unwind/Nap (if needed), Kindergarten Montessori Work Period, followed by a variety of Extra Curricular Activities by certified local professional. All these activities are purposeful and direct the child to follow her own inner guide or intuition.

Good Neighbor Montessori primary mixed-age program is designed to assist children, ages two to six, in developing self-confidence, concentration, independence and a love of learning in a developmentally appropriate and prepared environment. It is a place where the child feels safe and is loved and respected. As early as age two, the ideas of peace, kindness, understanding of others and the world around, and conflict resolution are imparted to the child.

The whole school is considered as One Great Big classroom. It consists mainly of the following areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Cultural Studies, and Mathematics. Other areas for the child to explore are creative arts, dramatic play, grace and courtesy, relaxation and reading corner, and music area. The materials, some of which scientifically designed, are meticulously prepared. The teacher serves as a part of the prepared environment and is the link between the child and the materials. Based on the teacher’s observation, the child is presented with a job, either individually or as a group. Once the job has been presented, the child is able to repeat till self-mastery.

Children can freely move within the classroom, choosing to be indoor or outdoor. This provides the opportunity for choice, focus, problem solving, learning to care for the environment and for themselves. The ultimate goal of all activities at Good Neighbor Montessori is for the child to learn to accomplish tasks independently and more confidently.

Good Neighbor Montessori follows Dr. Maria Montessori’s three-hour work period. This is to ensure that the children have time to settle into a task that interests them and are not unnecessarily interrupted when they are focused and engaged in a worthwhile and purposeful activity. The child’s absorbent mind and sensitive periods working together is crucial for building knowledge. Any interruption to the children’s work period disrupts the fragile focus, concentration, critical thinking, problem solving, and exploration, which are being developed. The child practicing her newfound skill is priceless!

Healthy, nutritious and nut free snacks are available for the children in the snack area, as a buffet style. Allowing them to decide when, what and how much food to eat begins to build a positive sense of self-esteem and the feeling of competency.

Circle time is held according to the observation needs of the children and teachers. This is an opportunity to practice songs/dances, discuss topics, practice public speaking, celebrate special occasions, and accommodate presenters (Community Helpers). Good Neighbor Montessori invites the parents, as well as other people of different professions in the area, to come talk to the children about how they are contributing to the community. This is a perfect opportunity to plant seeds in the child’s mind about what profession to choose in future.

Group Lunch follows the morning work period, where children and teachers eat together. Children practice their newly acquired skills such as handling lunch containers, setting up meals, exercising table manners, social graces, and meal etiquettes as well as cleaning up the area. Older children are encouraged to help their younger friends, which gives them a sense of leadership and community.

Unwind/nap (if needed), offer the children the opportunity to make/clean up their beds, to learn to self-care, to help others with their bedding, coordination skills, and boost self-confidence.

Kindergarten Montessori Work Period is offered to the older children.

We offer a variety of Extra Curricular Activities in the afternoon on a weekly basis to all Good Neighbor Montessori Full Day children. We have certified local professionals to come to Good Neighbor Montessori to teach these activities. The Extra Curricular Activities that Good Neighbor Montessori offers are and not limited to: Yoga/Meditation, Drumming, Cooking and Mindful Eating, Creative Arts, Sculpture, Movement/Dance, and more.

Good Neighbor Montessori practices monthly Fire and Earthquake drills to further prepare the children to make wise choices in case of an emergency situation. To further prepare the children for unperceived occurrences, Good Neighbor Montessori also practices lockdown drills once per academic year.

Good Neighbor Montessori invites you to make an appointment and visit our amazing program!