The Child who has felt a strong love for his surroundings and for all living creatures, who has discovered joy and enthusiasm in work, gives us reason to hope... hope for peace in the future.


Our daughter has been attending Good Neighbor Montessori (GNM) for the
past two years. We are very happy with GNM. When I drop my daughter
off in the morning, she runs to hug her friends and start her jobs.
When my wife picks her up in the evening, my daughter doesn’t want to

After having visited 3 schools in the Palo Alto area, I walked into
GNM. I knew GNM was right for us. The classrooms are clean and well
organized. The kids work at jobs in a quiet engaged manner. The kids
are respectful to each other and their teachers. The teachers are
friendly and professional. They circulate amongst the kids helping as
needed. My daughter comes home and teaches me about fractions,
compound words, the seven continents and virtues such as honesty,
kindness and responsibility.

The director of GNM, Haideh, is one of the main reasons I chose this
school. Haideh listens and speaks thoughtfully, a rarity in today’s

Mariam & David 


Before enrolling our daughter at GNM we interviewed about eight different preschools in the Palo Alto area.  The program at GNM is hands down the best we found.  Here is why we are thrilled with this wonderful school.

The teachers are always caring, and respectful to all of the children. The ratio of teachers to children is excellent which provides the opportunity for a significant amount of small group and one-on-one instruction. The curriculum focuses on one “theme” every few weeks (community service, seasons, wildlife, etc.), which offers the children an excellent framework for learning.  I am consistently amazed at how many relevant facts our daughter brings home.

If you are looking for a nurturing environment with well-qualified teachers GNM is an excellent choice.  Our daughter is eager for school every morning, and adores every one of her teachers.

Charlyn & Patrick


We value how the manageable size of the school enables personal interaction, allowing teachers, students and parents to get to know each other well. The well-trained and personable staff emphasizes respect for others, and the children’s time is well balanced between work and play. In a clean and well-organized environment, the children thrive on engaging activities; their enjoyment is evident in their eager smiles when they arrive at school and their excitement when they tell us about their day.

Marina & Fabio


Our three-year-old son has been attending Good Neighbor Montessori for more than one-and-a-half years and we couldn’t be happier! GNM’s “modified Montessori” program incorporates both the Montessori method plus play-based time. To us, this mix is very well balanced because the kids are given time to explore and develop both individually through self-directed activities (Montessori method) and socially through play and relationship-building. The GNM teachers are very loving and really listen to the kids. When I drop off my son in the mornings, circle time is full of smiles and laughter. GNM is proof that learning really can be fun!

Carol and Jason


My son has attended Good Neighbor for more than a year. The teachers and atmosphere are so nurturing and I’m consistently surprised by how much he has learned.  The school provides wonderful opportunities for the children including language, gym, and music classes.  I also love that they celebrate and learn about holidays from around the world, not just those common to America.  The teachers are also careful to encourage healthy eating choices and they have been very careful about my dietary preferences for my son.  I have been completely delighted with the school and feel great about my son spending his days there. I have full confidence that he could not be in a more nurturing and caring community.

Bree and Stewart


When we moved to Palo Alto, we looked into several local preschools, particularly those that follow the Montessori system. We found Good Neighbor Montessori (GNM) to have the most balanced program and environment overall. Our daughter has been attending GNM fill time for a year now, and we are very happy with how she has flourished emotionally, intellectually and physically in their care. The teachers take great care of her and have a holistic approach to the wellbeing of all the children. We have picked up many good tips on parenting from GNM, and very glad that our daughter attends a preschool of this high caliber.

Fahmida & Sajjad


If you are looking for your child to be in a positive, calm, nurturing, and stimulating environment, then this school is for you.

My daughter (now in Kindergarten) attended Good Neighbor since she was 2.5, and now my son is in his second year there. We are very happy with the school. The teachers are absolutely the best. Believe me. I’ve gone to EVERY preschool in Palo Alto, and this school has the best teachers. They’re attentive and calm. They always listen to the children and help them figure out situations involving right and wrong behavior. They don’t ignore a situation and you also won’t find kids running around with runny noses (gross!). The teachers are wonderful caretakers.

They have an AMAZING program. Yes, I’m using all caps because it’s really that great. My kids were both writing their names by 3.5 years old and reading/pre-reading before Kindergarten. My son knows already knows all his continents, and through the school, he can count to 10 in Chinese. And just a few months ago they had parents and community workers come in and talk to the kids about what they do. It ended up being fantastic, as the kids got to hear from a fireman, a policeman, a train engineer, a tow-truck driver, doctors, scientists, dentists, and more.

The bottom line is that my daughter loved the school and had a wonderful preschool experience that prepared her extremely well for Kindergarten. And now, my son loves school and is excited to go everyday and learn and play. The teachers are fabulous and the program is the best you’ll find.


Mariela & Keith


It is so hard to believe that my son is almost 4 years old and has finished a year at Good Neighbor Montessori, and that he will be starting a pre-kindergarten curriculum in the upcoming year. Our GNM experience has been very important not only for our son, but also for us as parents of 3 boys. We have already developed some close relationships with parents of other students, and the experience here confirms what we expected; that a nurturing, flexible and semi-structured curriculum can be a terrific match for our son. In particular, the teacher-pupil fit has created and fostered an intellectual curiosity and love of learning that has been impressive. As a Child Psychiatrist, I appreciate many of the developmentally informed principles of GNM, such as gradual introduction to the program, time flexibility, and of easily accommodating special dietary needs.

While at GNM, our son has been particularly successful in developing social relationships and conflict resolution skills. Our son has been doing very well behaviorally, socially and academically, over the course of the last 12 months. He now eagerly looks forward to school each morning (as do we)!

We look forward to many more years of working together, as our youngest son gets ready to follow in his big brothers footsteps soon. Thanks to GNM for being such an important part of our lives!

Joshi and Mala