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4000 Middlefield Road
Suite K4
Palo Alto, California 94303
p. (650) 493-2777
f. (650) 493-1231

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Celebrating our 30th Year!

Good Neighbor Montessori has been one of the leading Montessori Schools in Palo Alto since 1986. Good Neighbor Montessori serves children ages 2 through 6 years.

Good Neighbor Montessori is based on the philosophy by Dr. Maria Montessori and provides a happy, peaceful, safe and home-like environment for children throughout their day at Good Neighbor Montessori. We are committed to a program in which your child is respected as an individual and encouraged to develop at his or her own pace, laying the foundation for a Love of Learning, for life. Our teachers are loving, joyful, professional and dedicated to supporting the development of the children.

WOW 2013

Good Neighbor Montessori – Best of Palo Alto Child Care Service!

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